Capital of Cake logo part of it-1It’s official.  You have now reached BRITAIN’S CAPITAL OF CAKE how lovely is that!

We are delighted to be part (chocolate) of it and in the heart of it too. When you (cream)  arrive at this spectacular part of (strawberry jam) North Yorkshire with the stunning (lavender)North York Moors and Coast to explore you also have a (cupcakes) wealth of tasty cakes and treats to discover and (victoria)  enjoy.  On your arrival here at (fruitcake) Crag House Farm sample some of (hazelnuts) Liz’s homemade scones for a starter (lemon drizzle) then follow this tasty link…. CAKE …. to track down some serious (cherry) holiday comfort cake.  Please report back on your (pistachio) findings too, Danny and I haven’t (cheesecake) sampled them all yet and your personal recommendation for all of our guests would be (meringue) fun.  We have put a CAKE book in each barn so that your recipes and recommendations can be shared.