It was definitely getting colder, the Union Jack flag showed the icy wind was coming over the moors from the sea. Bright and sunny though, just right for drying up the wet muddy ground, getting on with a bit of spring maintenance and a theatre trip to York with a meal out at one of our favourite haunts – Mr P’s Curious Tavern.The temperature gauge was hovering around 0º when we left for York.

The revamped York Theatre Royal is fabulous and Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ was spellbinding, we were transported to a different place – the ganglands of Brighton! By the time we came out at 5 0’clock the temperature had plummeted to -3º.  Danny and I hurried off to ‘Mr P’s Curious Tavern’.

Mr P’s Curious Tavern

If you come to York you simply must pop in here to taste these beautiful and curious dishes bursting with flavours from around the world. Pick and mix and share some small delightful morsels, have a snack or make it a fun sharing banquet. We hadn’t booked so were lucky to get squeezed onto a table with a super view of the the passing crowds hurrying along in the chilly wind. (smugness)

Monkfish and Pigs

Madras Monkfish Bites, Pigs in a Pudding and Fillet of Beef Rossini. Pudd = Affogato  Scrumptious! Then home across the moors, a beautiful clear starry night, we are so lucky.

Dark skies at Crag House Farm

Dark Skies: Beacon View Barn is the perfect viewing point to appreciate the dark skies status of the North York Moors

Bright, sunny and cold, lovely weather to clean down the outside dresser ready to paint. Then the snow came and the wind chill factor took the temperature down to -10º ‘so the BBC told us’!  The Beast from the East had arrived.

Crag House Farm experience

We can see the Beast in the distance!!!

Beast from the East

Beast from the East in full flow

It felt extraordinarily cold so we moved inside to spring clean a very snug Beacon View Barn.

Beacon View Barn has a spring clean

Bright and warm in snug Beacon View Barn

The snow that came was dry and powdery not at all good for snowman building, it was very easily blown about, when the wind blew the snow across the moor tops, it almost looked like a desert storm or sometimes like smoke.

A chilly seat

Please be seated!!

Being in Yorkshire our farmers take great pride in making sure that the roads are kept open, clear of snow so that we can all get out and about. Snow ploughs and gritters working round the clock.

Snow Ploughs

Our unsung heroes Yorkshire farmers with snow ploughs

Our lovely home fire!

Keep the home fires burning, a glass or two of wine and start planning for spring walks …I’m thinking Farndale Daffodils and Falling Foss Tea Gardens to start with:-)