Bank holiday Monday 25th May  a wonderful day out with A botany day in beautiful Ashberry Wood alongside Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley.

What a glorious way to spend a day, walking through the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Reserve along a low lying meadow with a river and several streams and boggy patches sometimes grazed by sheep and long horn cattle. Our party led by  Emily McGregor from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and  Richard Bains from YCN came from across Yorkshire, I was without doubt the least knowledgeable but that didn’t make a jot of difference everyone was happy to share their expertise, it was fascinating.



After lunch we walked through Ashberry Wood.  Finding a bank of Lily of the Valley was I think the highlight for me.  With the dappled light, gentle breeze and a quiet walk with experts pointing out and describing the flora and fauna around us was fascinating. It is amazing how much can be missed!  I will in future be far more observant, we saw so much in such a short distance.


Thank you very much Yorkshire Coast Nature for a fun, fabulous and informative day.  Check out their website for Wildlife Safari’s, birding days, photography courses and loads more!