High above the village of Danby, Danby Beacon is one of the highest points on the North York Moors National Park. For just £50 you can have historic Danby Beacon lit for 15 minutes to celebrate your special occasion in grand style! Would you like an extra 15 minutes of celebration? – that’s fine too and just £25!   Something very special.

The history of the Beacon itself dates back to the 1600’s when the country was living under the constant threat of invasion from France. It was the duty of a soldier and his wife, who were stationed up on the moor, to be attentive and keep their eyes peeled for the expected French fleet. As soon as they had sight of the French they were to immediately light up the beacon, this would be the first inland fire of warning!

In 2004 ‘Danby Beacon Trust’ was formed to organise the replacement of the old (wooden!) and obsolete Beacon that had fallen down. In 2008 a brand new ‘beauty’ replaced it. This beacon is a symbolic as well as a working structure and great care was taken to choose materials which were in harmony with the surrounding area. The column is constructed of the metal corten – a type of steel. It has over time, developed a beautiful patina reflecting the colours of the moorland.

The flame-shaped basket is made out of blued stainless steel, blending in with the sky. The flames are mounted around a cup that is decorated with bronze – a reminder of the Bronze Age burial mound which part occupies the site on which it stands.

With terrific 360 degree viewing over the purple blanket of heather moorland, dales and the heritage coast of Yorkshire, the beacon is a great spot for picnics and an exceptional place for a walk. The beacon is available for lighting, celebrate your special family occasions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, anything you choose! The cost of lighting the Beacon is £50 per 15 minutes and the resulting light experience is phenomenal. There are designated people who are responsible for lighting the beacon on your special occasion. – little snippet of local info here – one of them is Phil Stonehouse the builder and craftsman who renovated Beacon View Barn and Dale View Barn here at Crag House Farm, luxury self catering, North York Moors holiday cottages.

In order to organise the lighting of the beacon, the Trust asks that your booking request is sent to them at least four weeks prior to the date of your event. The fee is payable to Danby Beacon Trust. To receive a booking form please contact Mrs R Rudsdale at North York Moors National Park. 01439 772737 or just contact me Liz on 07811364919 email: info@craghousefarm.co.uk
When your booking is confirmed a commemorative card will be sent to you for you to complete and keep as a memento of your special occasion.

Danby Beacon’s history doesn’t  only relate to the 17th c. The site was home to one of the first radar stations guarding the Yorkshire coast during World War ll. The station was responsible for guiding Group Captain Townsend when he intercepted and shot down the first enemy aircraft over England. A letter written by the late Peter Townsend recalls the day. In the letter he talks about how Danby Radar station played a vital role in the shooting down of the first German bomber to fall on English soil since World War 1.

Danny and Liz would like to welcome you to their North York Moors Holiday Cottages Beacon View and Dale View and invite you to be part of Danby Beacon’s history.