Our recent Australian guests left us with these great pictures of Danby Dale, our home and barns.  Once again we are taken aback by the beauty we have on our doorstep.  The North York Moors National Park is just amazing!

Morning magic of May
Walking from the barns
Danby Beacon lit late one night just to celebrate the joy being here!
Thank you for your kind words and great pictures


Staycation in North Yorkshire.

It was time for Danny and I to explore further around the North York Moors.

First stop on Saturday  was the old Market town of Malton on the first of their two day Award winning Food Festival, “Yorkshire’s food Capital” So says – Antonio Carlucci!
This is their big annual foodie market and the whole town was buzzing. Here is a great little video about the place, people and foodie visitors to Malton.
No calorie counting here!
But just the one sample for us today
Gathering up a picnic has never been such fun
Entertaining the crowds
With the picnic sorted Danny and I headed to Kirbymoorside just 20 minutes from Crag House Farm.
Our chosen spot is St Gregory’s Minster Ancient atmospheric Anglo Saxon
We followed the footpath behind the Minster and crossed over the dry river bed of Hedge Beck.
through Kirkdale Wood East
to the Weir at Hold Cauldron then East across through fields towards High Haggs and into a beautiful little woodland called Robin Hoods Howl.
And back to St Gregory’s Minster and the car.
Before we went home to Crag House Farm we visited The Star Inn at Harome
After a reviving drink we decided it would a very good idea (not to mention great fun!) to write a blog about this fabulous old 14th century thatched Inn and it’s Michelin starred restaurant. Coming very soon I hope 🙂