Valentine’s Day –

Thought to have originated from the Roman festival ‘Lupercalia’ in celebration of Spring time. In 300 A.D. Emperor Claudius ll banned marriage – he thought married men would make bad soldiers!  A young priest named Valentine felt that this was unfair, he broke the rules and began to secretly arrange marriages.

Oh no! Emperor Claudius found out and poor Valentine was sentenced to death and cast into jail. Whilst in jail young Valentine fell in love with the beautiful daughter of his jailor. As he was taken to his death on February 14th he sent his last love letter to her, he signed it “from your Valentine”.

February 14th is now recognised as St Valentine’s Day and the 1st day of spring.


St Valentine

Depiction of the death of St Valentine



The expression ‘to wear your heart on your sleeve’ originated in the Middle Ages when on St Valentine’s day young men and women drew names from a hat to see who their Valentine would be.  They would pin the name on their sleeves for all to see for one week.

Choosing a Valentine



Does the colour of your rose bouquet matter? The answer is yes so take care when choosing your colours.  Red roses represent Love and Romance.  Pink is for Gratitude and Appreciation.  White means Purity and Innocence.  Yellow for Friendship.  Orange for Passion and Enthusiasm.  Whilst lavender represents Enchantment and Love at First Sight.

Roses are red



Doves are a romantic Valentine’s Day symbol, they represent monogamy and loyalty in relationships. In the Middle Ages people believed that all birds choose their mates on St Valentine’s day.  In Greek mythology the Goddess of love Aphrodite (known in Roman mythology as Venus) was often pictured with doves fluttering around her or alighting on her hands.

Love is in the air at Crag House Farm


Beautiful view

A wonderful view from the ground floor bedroom at Beacon View

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