If you go down to the woods in Danby..

You just might meet some very small folk known round here as the ‘Woodlings’.  The Woodlings live in quiet out of the way woods between the fields and moors and take great care of their beautiful tiny woodland homes in and around Danby in the North York Moors National Park.  They are shy and secretive and therefore quite hard to spot, so what an adventure it is to visit Crow Wood a magical and exciting place to see for yourself.

Once inside the wood the paths zigzag up and down the hillside between the trees, flowers, ponds and exciting clearings just the place for Woodling  party’s and picnics.

This  is a very fine little house!

Snuggled up close
At the bottom of a tree
This very fine house
Is quite easy to see.
If the Woodlings are at home
you may see alight
Take a close look
But don't give them a fright!
The Woodlings have some unpleasant distant cousins called  WoodBoggles they are a mean and mischievous lot who delight in messing up the Woodling’s lovely homes!  HOW RUDE!!

Some of the Woodlings decided to move their homes into the trees with magical little fairy doors out of sight of the Boggles.  There are at least 6 to look out for and when you find them be sure to leave a small gift of a feather, bright leaf or a nut by their door for them to decorate their homes and make their clothes with. They will love that!  If you do spot a Woodling please draw a picture of them in their woodland clothes when you get home.

Crag House Farm is in Danby Dale too and has a willow house to play in, a bluebell wood and fields to explore.